Welcome to Hyperrhiz, the peer-reviewed online journal specializing in electronic literature, new media criticism and net art.

Hyperrhiz, originally developed as a sister publication of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, is an open access journal produced twice-yearly. We also collaborate with Punctum Books on a monograph series, Hyperrhiz Electric. We welcome submissions of electronic literature, new media scholarship and criticism, and reviews of media-related books, exhibitions or blogs. For submission criteria, please read our latest call for papers and our guidelines for submissions.

Currently on Hyperrhiz

Hyperrhiz 22 (Fall 2020) is live. Featuring work by

  • Will Luers . Evelyn Char
  • Joshua Jackson . Emanuel Magno
  • Christopher Boulton . Mary Slaughter
  • Geoffrey V. Carter . Robert Lestón
  • Sarah J. Arroyo . Bahaerh B. Alaei
  • Amy K. Loy . Scot Barnett
  • Ron Brooks . Anthony Collamati
  • Jason Helms . Alexandra Hidalgo
  • Jody Shipka . Randall Hammond
  • John Lawton . Calvin Olsen
  • David M. Rieder . Nathan Rucker
  • Allen Smithee . Craig J. Saper
  • Yohanna Joseph Waliya