Hyperrhiz 4

{ Literal1.Text }

Convened by Davin Heckman
Winona State University

Citation: Heckman, Davin. “{ Literal1.Text }.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 4, 2008. doi:10.20415/hyp/004.f01

Abstract: { Literal1.Text } is a forum for electronic literature professors, creators, and theorists to share ideas.

{ Literal1.Text } is a command which allows the programmer to control the way a piece of text appears on the page. It was chosen primarily because it is a programming term which contains both the words "literal" and "text," both objects of play and study in the literature classroom. The reference to programming language points to the space between code and interface, and thus taps into the long tradition of literary criticism which lives in the gaps between conscious/subconscious, denotation/connotation, author/reader, high culture/popular culture, literal/figurative, the real/the symbolic, form/content, etc.

The information presented here has two primary audiences: Those who already teach electronic literature and those would like to. For those who are already teaching electronic literature: We are a community geared towards the development and critique of ideas. For those who would like to teach electronic literature: We offer examples of ways to integrate electronic literature into existing courses and how to structure entire courses around the topic.

To join the forum, or submit work, email the site managers, Davin Heckman <davinheckman [at] gmail.com> or Helen Burgess <editor [at] hyperrhiz.net>. Give us a brief bio and we will give you a login and password.

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