Hyperrhiz 4

Mooring the Vaast Bin

Michael Peters

Citation: Peters, Michael. “Mooring the Vaast Bin.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 4, 2008. doi:10.20415/hyp/004.g04

Abstract: This work is companion to the 2007 poem-book, Vaast Bin; n Ephemerisi.

The poem-book, a "score," consists of three components that cannot be extracted as an initial source. These three components, with all of their overlappings, are: book — with static images and words; sounds — voice and in amplification, the play of sound material that begins the procedural opening in all pores with the cognizance; and kinetic images — no less a visual poetry exploring inceptions of rolling contiguities up, abeyance via the volume and amplitude. The kinetic sound and image elements that are available for viewing, here at Hyperrhiz — Kinetic Soundscape for Vaast Bin and Vaast Kinetic-Stills from the same kinetic images of that soundscape — belie the sounds in the poem-book and the visual aspects, both static and kinetic, of the poem.?

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