Hyperrhiz 7

How to transform dog/horse pron/hump lovers into art patrons

Jason Nelson
Griffith University

Citation: Nelson, Jason. “How to transform dog/horse pron/hump lovers into art patrons.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 7, 2010. doi:10.20415/hyp/007.g03

Abstract: The net world is filled with holes. Security is never complete and with the proper tools and knowledge anyone can break/hack into any website. Unfortunately (and ultimately fortunately) a few years ago one of my art portals was the victim of hackers and their redirect codes (HTML pages used as bouncing off points for illicit web traffic).

But instead of simply removing the pages and complaining to my host provider, I resolved to use the hackers' tactics against them and replaced their code with redirects into my net artworks. What resulted was a strange journey of legal complaints, increased traffic and, temporarily, my site being one of the top google results for a variety of terrible search strings, altogether creating an alternative, subversive net art gallery experience -- an entirely unexpected adventure where my odd art found its way into the seedy underbelly of the net.

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