Hyperrhiz 13

Manifest Data: A Kit to Create Personal Digital Data-Based Sculptures

Duke University Speculative Sensation (S-1) Lab
Duke University

Citation: Speculative Sensation (S-1) Lab, Duke University. “Manifest Data: A Kit to Create Personal Digital Data-Based Sculptures.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 13, 2015. doi:10.20415/hyp/013.s03

Abstract: In Manifest Data, the S-1 Lab uses localized network analysis tools to capture the content and destination of user-scattered cookie crumbs dropped, most often unknowingly and unintentionally, during Internet browsing sessions. The code recipe for Manifest Data transforms the protocological underpinnings of networking technologies — specifically IP addresses and port numbers — into points defining a vector field that can be geographically mapped, fed into a 3D printer or dynamically sculpted by a professional artist. Manifest Data is our digital double.


About This Kit: Introduction by Amanda Starling Gould

Material Intervention: Data Gnomes, by Karin Denson and Shane Denson

Slides and Stories: Presentation Materials

Code Recipes: Scripts and Meshes, by Luke Caldwell

Sample Data Maps: Network Activity, Geolocated, by Luke Caldwell

Augmented Reality: Data Portraits and QR Codes

Critical Essay: Analogizing Data: The Real Subsumption of Manifest Destiny by Capital, by David Rambo

Exhibition Images: Rutgers University-Camden Digital Studies Center